Dresses by

E Avantgarde

A fashion dress for ladies is especially popular for a night out, since you with a dress often show that you have put extra consideration into your clothing. A dress does not have to be only festive dressing, but it can just as well be suitable for everyday use. Our collection of dresses contains both dresses for a night out and for everyday use. We focus on adding raw details to the dresses which makes them suitable for all kinds of use. This means that you have the opportunity to find a dress that fits your needs. 

Here at E Avantgarde we have a wide range of fashion dress for ladies, which comes in different designs since the dresses have either no sleeves, ¾ sleeves or long sleeves. In addition to this, each of our dresses are completely unique since they have different colors and patterns. This makes it possible to combine the dresses with different accessories in order to create a unique look.  

Our collection is characterized by raw touch which is incorporated in the designs through raw details. This makes it possible to use all items both for a night out and for everyday use. Furthermore, we emphasize that our collection should be timeless and still follow the latest fashion-trends. In addition, we make sure that our items are functional and in good quality. This is also the case for our fashion dress for ladies, which is both timeless, in good quality and has raw details.

If you want to differentiate from the majority by wearing cloth with a unique design, then you should take a look at our fashion dress for ladies. With our dresses, you have the opportunity to express that you are a stylish woman, who knows what she wants. You should also remember to take a look at the rest of our collection, so you can match you dress with other items.