Women’s tunic

Tunics have found their way into our collections over the last number of years, since we have seen that consumers have increasingly demanded products from this exact product category. These tunics are functional, since they can be used with pants and skirts – they can even be used as short dresses. There are used many different materials, since they both are produced in knitting, basic, and patterned materials. They can both be ¾ sleeves, long sleeve or be totally sleeve less. These models are also offered as clothing in large sizes. Tunics appeal to a wide age group, and can easily be described as smart clothing for women over 40. In our production of tunics, we focus on design, where we provides unique details that differs from the general design. If this appeals to you as a consumer, we will highly recommend you to take a look at our collection, which, among other thing have a wide selection of tunics.

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