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Women’s tunic is very popular since they both have an incredible functionality and in the same time, a tunic can make your outfit look special. A tunic can be used both with pants and skirts – and they can even be used as short dresses. Our tunics come in a lot of different styles, since you can get them with long sleeves, with ¾ sleeves or completely without sleeves. This means that you have the opportunity to find a tunic for exactly your need.

Additional to different sleeve lengths, our tunics also differentiate from each other because they have different materials. A few of our tunics are knitwear. Moreover, our tunics are either unicoloured or with different patterns. Therefore, you have the opportunity to match your tunic with other items so you will end up with a completely unique outfit.

Here at E Avantgarde we try to make our collection timeless and in the same time we follow the newest fashion-trends. In addition, we focus on giving our collection a raw touch by adding nice details to all of our products. Timeless clothes with raw details are therefore characteristic for our whole collection. This is also reflected in our women’s tunic, which also has details that make every tunic unique. Moreover, our collection assign importance to functionality without compromising with design and quality.

Do you want to show that you are a fashion-conscious woman? And at the same time, do you want your clothing style to differentiate from the common design? Then you should take a look at our women’s tunic – they will definitely fit you. Of course, you can match your tunic with items from the rest of our collection. In this way you will be sure to end up with a stylish outfit with a raw touch that is functional and has a great quality.

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