Skirt 12023


By E Avantgarde.

Smart youthful wrap around skirt from E Avantgarde. The skirt is with a unique beautiful creative print. The waist on the skirt is a belt piece with many snapbuttons. This makes the skirt appear in several sizes at the same time. The skirt can be tightened / closed smaller or larger as needed. At the same time, it is this close system that gives the skirt its own unique look. The material is deliciously stretchable nature material that is very comfortable to wear on the body. With this skirt you will always feel wonderful comfort and at the same time smartly dressed. The skirt is ideal for everyday or party, as it is suitable for all sale tops. The skirt is timeless and will remain an indispensable part of your wardrobe season after season. Sandals boots or all sale shoes are suitable for this skirt.

Quality 48% viscose / 48% cotton / 4% elastane

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