Welcome to E Avantgarde. This will be a start-up on a blog that will follow the company E Avantgarde. The company’s internal processes will be described and how the company wants to appear externally. This feature deals with a company description off E Avantgarde.

Here at E Avantgarde, we offer clothes of a stylish design with many modern details that adapts to the casual and trendy woman, who wants signal a conscious and raw style, which differs from the general style of clothing. Our collections, has since our founding in 2003, been received with great enthusiasm, which has allowed us to establish ourselves in 8 countries. We distribute through stores which we work closely with, and we thereby ensure that they express the same values as we stand for.

Our production takes place through our own production facilities, which are located in Poland, allowing us 100% quality assurance of the products throughout the entire production. We put great emphasis on quality in our product portfolio, because we want to satisfy our customers with high-quality products, which incidentally is EU-stamped. Our products are designed by our highly skilled designers, who also takes into account the new trends in the modern development in the fashion industry. Certain details such as zipper detail and raw style are reflected in our entire range. Additionally, we also have asymmetrical details that make the woman appear as style con-scious and different.

Our staff is carefully selected so we have just the employees who will work in the group and at the same time have the qualifications that fit just their job description. We always want to get better at everything and therefore we place great emphasis on continuing education with different cours-es as well as spending a lot of time together as we will work better together as a group.

As we provide women’s clothing, we are proud to say that we support a number of different organ-isations such as “Støt Brysterne”, which is a Danish campaign to support breast cancer. We feel everyone is responsible and should help these organizations that put great effort in trying to make a difference.

In the future, this blog will contain evaluations of textile fabrics are part of a high-quality produc-tion, and why one should focus on the quality of their choice of clothes. We are recognized by OEKO-TEX, which indicates that our clothing has been tested and approved by requirements as an international brand that checks quality represents.

Thank you for reading. You should be welcome to ask us questions where you can either contact us through the website or on our social media. We hope you will read next time as well. If you have suggestions for future posts on the blog, please feel free to contact us.

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