Woman Sporty Shirt With a Twist

Woman Sporty Shirt is a Oversized Shirt with black details


Woman Sporty shirt with a twist

The Woman Sporty Shirt for the Trendy and sophisticated woman.

The Woman Sporty Shirt is a oversized Shirt with black details.
Woman Sporty Shirt is made in a transparent fabric and a black not transparent material, which is viscose fabric.
The Shirt have a black asymmetrical zipper twist.
Start on the right shoulder and goes down in front and another zipper on the left shoulder that goes down at the back of the shirt.
The woman Sporty Shirt have long Black sleeves in Viscose jersey.
The sleeves is always black, no matter which color you chose.
Our leather logo badge is in the lower left sleeve of the shirt.
The fabric on the front and on the back is transparent in the colors Dark and Aqua. In the color Black is the fabric 100% viscose and not transparent.
The colors Dark & Aqua contranings: 100% Polyester
The color Black contranings: 100% Viscose.

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Weight0.33 kg

Aqua, Black, Dark


XS-34/36, S-36/38, M-38/40, L-40/42, XL-42/44, XXL-46/48, XXXL-50/52