About E Avantgarde

Fashion has the power to renew people’s lives.

We now have a unique opportunity to change the world and participate in shaping tomorrow’s society; a more sustainable and cleaner society.

What can we do in the face of the new challenges facing our planet and our society?

Do we as a textile company commit to and become more and more transparent, more responsible, more sincere and more specific?

At E Avantgarde, we want to transform this new data into a tool to boost creativity and positivity …

Since we started in 2003, E Avantgarde has worked to promote sustainable development in our product.

We have done this among other things, we buy more than 80% of our purchases of raw materials in Europe.

Since 2009, our processing has been going on at our own sewing place in Poland.

It has always been our philosophy that our collections should be a European product.

We would like to go much further with our brand in the future.

We intend to take our responsibility to a new level with regard to Corporate Social Responsibility.

We do not just want to intend, we also have an obligation to ourselves, our employees and all other interested parties that we work with – suppliers, partners and customers.

To commit is to meet people who will develop our brand, the way it is perceived, our company – our worldview.

To commit is to share, to engage in discussion, to evolve, to be responsible!

Clothes are more than just clothes…

The recent health crisis has confirmed the need for a different way of existing, our way of manufacturing, of consuming.

We now live in a world that is more than ever undergoing great change; we need to find new ways to create and invent as well as innovate, to protect our planet.

For E Avantgarde, this is very much our source of inspiration. To embrace the present with abandonment and look to the future with boldness and ambition.

“E Avantgarde will strive to dress the girls who want to change the world together with us”


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